From Adam To Messiah The Prince: A Biblical Paper Trail

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Trace the Thread of History from Adam to Christ

Journey through the biblical eras and anchor sacred stories to archaeological discoveries in this definitive scriptural timeline.

From Adam to Messiah the Prince constructs an unbroken chronology from the first man to the coming of the Messiah – validating the accuracy of scripture with tangible evidence.

Watch the biblical narrative unfold:

  • Follow the lineage from Adam to Noah and beyond through meticulous generational accounts
  • Link the exodus saga to the Tel Dan inscription describing conflict between the Houses of David and Israel
  • Tie Nebuchadnezzar’s capture of Jerusalem to the Babylonian Chronicle’s corroboration
  • Land at the triumphal entry of Jesus, precisely fulfilling Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy

This exhaustive work bridges Old Testament accounts with New Testament fulfillment. It illuminates how the pieces fit together in one overarching story that stretches across millennia yet arrives at the foretold moment.

For Christians seeking to deepen their understanding of the Bible’s precision and reliability, this guidebook delivers:

  • Chronological and archaeological detail anchoring sacred stories in history
  • Direct verses and calculations leading up to Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem
  • Historical context and insights into biblical figures like David, Solomon, and Daniel

Step into the flowing current of scripture. Let it carry you from creation to Christ as you discover the profound unity of the biblical narrative.

About the Author: Arthur B. Chrysler received his with high honors from Grace Bible College(Grace Christian University), Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He participated as a volunteer in The City of David Archaeological Project of the Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology, Jerusalem in the summer of 1984. The project was directed by Dr. Yigal Shiloh,with area supervisors Eilat Mazar, Yair Shoham, and Donald Ariel. Arthur co-authored the article Jerusalem- Large or Small: The Debate Goes On, which was included in an online feature of the Biblical Archaeology Society (September 19, 2006). Arthur has been the owner/operator of Eastown Frame & Gallery for more than thirty-five-years and is married, with five children and eight grandchildren.

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