From This Generation For Ever: A Study of God’s Promise to Preserve His Word (Vol. 2)

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Discover the tremendous journey of God’s Word through time with “From This Generation Forever, Vol. 2”!

Get ready to dive into the heart of the Christian faith and unearth the fascinating story of God’s unbroken promise – the divine preservation of His Word. This masterful study doesn’t just skim the surface, it takes you on a spiritual odyssey exploring every detail, every nuance of this profound doctrine.

Kick-start your journey with two enlightening introductory lessons. Discover the historical backdrop that underpins the preservation of the scriptures, gain insight into the key concepts that will lay the foundation for your in-depth exploration of the doctrine of preservation.

The heart of the book invites you to unravel the hidden depths of selected biblical passages with eight comprehensive lessons that study in detail verses from Psalm 12:6-7, Psalm 119, Isaiah 30:8, Isaiah 40:8, I Peter 1:23-25, and Matthew 4:4 and 24:35, witnessing how the scriptures themselves reveal their enduring nature.

And there’s more! Deep dive into eighteen enlightening lessons that shine a light on the importance, implications, and methodology of preservation. Questions you might not have thought to ask are answered. How does preservation link with the doctrine of inspiration? Was God’s method of preservation providential or miraculous? Who were the key players in the preservation process? How does the preservation and corruption of God’s Word happen simultaneously? How accessible and available has God’s Word been across the ages? All these questions and more are addressed in this rigorous scholarly journey.

“From This Generation Forever, Vol. 2” is a transformative experience for theologians, religious scholars, and dedicated students of the Bible. This book, along with Volume 1, is an invitation to deepen your understanding and appreciation of how God’s Word has been miraculously maintained throughout history. Be ready to be enlightened, inspired, and profoundly moved. Embark on this journey today, and experience the Word like never before!


The notes contained in this book comprise Term 2 of the From This Generation For Ever class taught at Grace Life Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. Focusing on the doctrine of preservation. Volume 1focuses on inspiration.

Click here for a sample chapter of volume 1

Pastor Bryan C. Ross makes his living as a tentmaking pastor in Western Michigan. Bryan served as the pastor of Westside Grace Church in Muskegon Heights, MI from 2000-2007. Currently, Bryan is pastor of Grace Life Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. A church he helped establish in 2007.  In addition to Volume 1 of this series, Pastor Ross is the author of The King James Bible in America: An Orthographic, Historical, and Textual Investigation, as well as Don’t Passover Easter: A New Defense of Easter in Acts 12:4, as well as Rightly Dividing E.W. Bullinger. He is the co-author of J.C. O’Hair and the Origins of the American Grace Movement. Pastor Ross has also authored and co-authored articles for Truth magazine and the Journal of Grace Theology. The author teaches high school World History/Geography and Philosophy at a public high school in the Grand Rapids area. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Religious Education from Grace Bible College as well as a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education from Cornerstone University, both located in Grand Rapids, MI. Bryan also possesses a Masters Degree in Military History from Norwich University in Vermont.

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