J.C. O’Hair and the Origins of the American Grace Movement

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When J.C. O’Hair died in January of 1958, he received well-deserved honors, appreciation, and affectionate regard in memoirs and sermons. Over the course of his ministry, he endeared himself to thousands, not by design but because of who he was; a jovial, affirming personality, a man of leadership, preaching, and teaching charisma. The honors included recognition of his insights about Paul’s mystery revelation and about Paul’s message of salvation by grace; the honors also recognized his courageous stand for a dispensational understanding and teaching of the Bible.

O’Hair’s most important insight was a line of reasoning for his placement of Acts’ transition, recognizing Israel, the law, and the available Messianic kingdom at the beginning of the book with a subsequent and momentous changeover to grace and the free inclusion of the Gentiles for the remainder of the book.

O’Hair was first and foremost a gifted evangelist and teacher.

Authors: Dale DeWitt and Bryan Ross


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