The Myth of Verbatim Identicality: How God Actually Preserved His Word

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Discover the Truth About Biblical Preservation in This Groundbreaking Book

Have you ever wondered how God has preserved His Word through the centuries? Many sincere believers assume that preservation requires exact word-for-word identicality across all manuscripts. But is this what the Bible actually teaches?

In “The Myth of Verbatim Identicality”, authors David W. Reid and Bryan C. Ross take a fresh look at the doctrine of preservation. Through careful analysis of Scripture and the textual evidence, they demonstrate that God’s method of preserving His Word is not verbatim identicality, but rather verbal equivalence – ensuring the same essential meaning is communicated, even if the exact wording varies.

This book will help you:

  • Understand the key terms and concepts related to biblical preservation
  • Examine the textual facts that any view of preservation must account for
  • See Scriptural proof for verbal equivalence as God’s method of preservation
  • Clear up confusion caused by the assumption of verbatim identicality
  • Avoid the pitfalls of extreme positions on both ends of the theological spectrum

Whether you’re a pastor, scholar, or layperson, this book will challenge your assumptions and deepen your understanding of how God has kept His Word pure through the ages. This book will strengthen your love for, and trust in, the word of God.

Don’t let the scholarly-sounding title intimidate you – the authors explain each point with clarity and precision. By the end, you’ll see the compelling biblical case for verbal equivalence and have renewed confidence in the purity of God’s preserved Word.

Get your copy of “The Myth of Verbatim Identicality” today and be prepared for a faith-strengthening journey through God’s Word!

David W. Reid and Bryan C. Ross are accomplished authors who have dedicated their scholarly pursuits to the study of biblical preservation. With their expertise in textual analysis and theological research, they bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to “The Myth of Verbatim Identicality.” Both authors possess a deep passion for understanding the nuances of Scripture and communicating their findings in a clear and accessible manner, making them trusted guides in navigating the complexities of biblical preservation. Their collaborative effort provides readers with a comprehensive and thought-provoking exploration of how God has preserved His Word throughout history.


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